Criminal Defense

Best criminal defense lawyer in your area, Mr. Harpreet Luthra can help fight against any criminal allegations against you. Criminal defense law does not call a person guilty until the guilt is proved and we believe that every person does deserve the best legal aid to prove him innocent. The best defense lawyer in Mississauga has handled the clients charged with murders, robbery, driving offences and sexual assaults and proved them innocent.

The criminal defence services guarantees that people under police investigation or facing criminal charges can get legal advice and representation and helps police and courts to operate fairly and efficiently. As per the law, you can get the legal aid from defence lawyer Mr. Luthra and our law firm can provide you best legal advice and representation.

Criminal aid we offer:

  • Advice and assistance from a solicitor on criminal matters
  • Free legal advice from a solicitor at the police stations during questioning
  • The cost of a solicitor preparing a case and initial representation for certain proceedings at a court

Full legal representation for criminal defense in criminal cases at all court levels.