Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Landlord tenant disputes can be resolved by our legal services in Mississauga and help you guide through every matter related to landlord tenant rights. Besides giving consultation on the landlord tenant laws, we will further help you in the process of application and settling the disputes or taking legal actions against the person at fault.

Landlords have to provide certain services to the tenants by law and a landlord must supply whatever services the landlord and the tenant agreed upon in the tenancy agreement. The residential landlord tenant acts says that a landlord is not allowed to discriminate against the tenants on the basis of caste, color, sex, marital status, place, origin, physical characteristics, sexual orientation, or source of income. If the tenants feel any sort of discrimination by the landlords, we can help the tenant with legal action against the landlord.

Tenants also have certain rules to follow as per the landlord tenant laws. He is the person who is permitted by the landlord to live in or occupy the premises. The tenant has exclusive possession of the premises, means that by landlord tenant rights, he has the same rights to privacy that a person who owns his or her home would have.

The only difference between being a tenant and a landlord is that the former must comply with the residential tenancy act with the tenancy agreement.

If you are a landlord or tenant, and have issues against the other, call us for legal services, we assure you best advice.