Small Claims

The Small Claims Court can handle any action for the payment of money or the recovery of possession of property where the amount claimed does not exceed $10,000, excluding interest and costs such as court fees. This includes the value of all goods that the plaintiff is asking for in total, no matter how many defendants there are. If the amount of your claim is more than $10,000, you can still choose to use Small Claims Court. However, you will have to give up the amount of money over $10,000, as well as any future right to get this money in any other court. You cannot divide the amount of money you are claiming into separate cases. You cannot, for example, divide $10,500 into a $10,000 claim and a $500 claim in order to have the total amount dealt with in two cases.


The service we provide is as follows:

  • Attendance at Pre-Trials or Settlement Conferences
  • Drafting and filing of Claims, Defences and Defendant’s Claims
  • Preparation and attendance at Trials and on Motions
  • Appeals to Divisional Court